WordPress blank page after login? Solution!

If you see a blank page after loging in to your WordPress admin page, and if you already have tried to solve this problem by disabling plugins and themes and nothing works, try this solution and let me know if it helped.

  • Make sure that you have complete copy of your WordPress webpage. If you don’t have one – copy all the files and folders from your server to you computer,
  • Download the latest WordPress from the https://wordpress.org/ website and unpack it,
  • On the server delete folders:
  • Wp-admin
  • Wp-includes

Warning!! Dose not delete wp-content folder!

  • Copy all files and only two folders: wp-admin and wp-includes (don’t copy wp-content folder!) from the downloaded WordPress version on your computer to the server,
  • Open wp-confg-sample.php, define your database name, databes user and password and rename it to wp-config.php, then copy it to the server.
  • Log-in now to your WordPress admin page. The system will ask you for agreement for database update – please confirm everything. After this you should be able to use your admin page.

That’s all.

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